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How to drape a Saree in Different Styles

It’s a known fact, that there are around 80 ways to drape a saree, since it’s one of the most versatile clothing ever it’s not a surprise for anyone. While most women in India and the neighbouring nations prefer wearing saree in their normal routine, wearing it regularly in same old style can be quite monotonous. So irrespective of the fact that you are a regular or a noob, we have filtered few timeless draping styles to suit everyone, at one occasion or another.

Quick tricks to drape a Nivi style Saree

It’s the style that inspired the age long saree draping style that we witness in North India as well as on the screen. In this style the saree is tucked in a waistband from one end, draped around the waist and pleated as per the requirement, the other end is left loose. The loose end or pallu is placed on the left shoulder. This traditionalist style is the most versatile for every shape and size.

With this style there is no certain rule of what to wear and what not to wear in accessories, suit yourself if you want to wear huge jhumkas or hoops or is it gonna be just a watch in one hand and the bangles in the other.

How to wear a Bengali style Saree

The Bengali style of draping a saree is quite seductive; in it there are no pleats on the waist instead the saree is draped once in anti-clockwise direction and the second time clock wise, bringing the pallu or the loose end from behind the back, pleating it on the front.

It is common knowledge that no Bengali style is complete without a huge bindi and jhumkas in gold(so that you know)

Take inspiration from Aishwarya rai bachchan in Devdas or Rani Mukherjee at durga pujo and get set go.

Draping a Gujarati style Saree perfectly

Though one of the most popular style,the gujarati style of draping a saree is not much different from the traditional Nivi style.In it the saree is draped around the waist and pleated but loose end or the pallu is brought from the back from the right shoulder which is either tucked and pleated or left loose or partially tucked.

Want to show off your highly embellished pallu then this is the style for you.

Pair it with an armlet or stack your hands with bangles and you are ready to rock the look.

How to wear a Saree in Lehenga style

Unlike the other looks which are more versatile and suits nearly every occasion,this style can be worn only at a wedding or a party.While pre stitched lehenga style sarees are nothing new,you can even drape yourself in lehenga style on your own.Just like lehenga it requires multiple pleats,tuck the pleats on the waist and you are ready to sport the look.

From embellished headgears to huge neckpieces defining neckline,almost everything blingy suits this style.

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